Sunday, 2 March 2014

Can you help out with Horse Riding?

Last year the children at the home at Kungwini enjoyed visits to local stables on a Friday morning for horse riding lessons, but unfortunately this has now stopped due to change of management and we'd really like to get the children out riding again.

Friday mornings were so much more than just riding a horse. The children learnt valuable life skills that they could demonstrate in other situations.

As well as learning how to work with horses and grooming skills, they learnt communication skills, turn taking, sharing, following instructions, keeping themselves safe and most of all they had the opportunity to be children and just have some plain old fashioned fun.

Do you own or work at stables? Are you in Pretoria? Would you be willing to offer your time and use of stables to enable the children to 'get back in the saddle?' if you can please tweet us or find us on Facebook or visit our website for contact details.