Thursday, 20 February 2014


Are you moving home? Having a clear out? Need to get rid of stuff but don't know where?

Well we at Kungwini Welfare Org can help. Not only can we make good use of your donated items but even better we can collect.

Call us Monday to Friday from 8am till 4pm on 012 940 0221 to arrange a date and time for collection.

What we can't use at the Paul Jungunickel home we sell to raise funds.

Don't worry about the condition of your donations, at the workshop we are busy repairing and painting to sell at this years Nickel Xmas Market. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A solar panel could have a major impact on the people of Lethabong

At Lethabong there is no electricity or running water and no electricity for one resident has had a massive impact on her life. She is no longer able to supplement her salary with curtain making, alterations and repairs. The drop in salary affects her ability to feed and clothe her children and purchase the necessary supplies they need for school.
As a little girl, Regina watched her Mother sewing and taught her to hand sew, but she was a curious child and used to sneak a go on her Mother’s sewing machine and discovered a passion for it and is actually rather good at it. It seems it’s a family trait with her 12 year old daughter, who visited her Grandmother over Christmas and used every last needle making paper bags for her friends.
You know how annoying it is when there is a power cut and you can’t take a hot shower, make a cup of tea, charge your phone or relax in front of the TV. For Regina and others like her, these are luxuries that she lives without everyday and access to electricity means more to her than you could possibly imagine.
Electricity for Regina means so much more than putting the kettle on and watching TV, it means work, income, food and education.
Not only would a solar panel provide enough electricity for her to run her sewing machine it would mean she could teach sewing classes, repairing and altering clothes, she could make school uniforms and book/chair bags for the other families in Lethabong at a much cheaper price than the shops sell them for.
Would you consider donating to the Lethabong Community? They already run art and pottery classes, teaching people new skills for the job market, providing an outlet at Markets to sell their crafts, developing money management and social skills, empowering the community.
A solar panel, converter and battery would make a huge change to the lives of people in Lethabong.

Can you help?